Introducing Lemonade Stand E-Liquid

Have you ever known a young boy or girl who you just knew would be an entrepreneur one day? Some people simply can’t be happy unless they’re the one calling the shots – even if that means they might fail. Our founder’s entrepreneurial journey began when he opened a lemonade stand in his front yard as a child. Bobby’s freshly squeezed lemonade quickly became a hit with neighbourhood residents, and the venture ignited a flame that remains at our founder’s core today. It also kickstarted what would become a lifelong love of old-fashioned lemonade.

There’s simply no beating the flavour alchemy that happens when you combine tart lemon juice with water, sugar and ice – and the magic is only there when you use freshly squeezed lemons. Citrus oils are volatile, and lemonade doesn’t taste the same when you attempt to package it in bottles or cans. Lemonade is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures, and it’s meant to be enjoyed in the moment. That’s the experience – and the treasured childhood memories – that we’ve captured with our Lemonade Stand e-liquid.