What Is Little Beast E-Liquid?

The vaping industry has matured rapidly over the past few years, and we have begun to enter the age of the vaping mega-brand.

Several vape juice brands have become large enough to secure worldwide distribution deals, and that’s led to a situation in which many vapers in New Zealand are using e-liquids that aren’t even made here. Instead, people around the country are vaping e-liquids made in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Well, we think it’s time for that to change.


Staying Lean and Mean

When we survey the landscape of the vaping industry, one trend becomes immediately evident: Some e-liquid brands seem intent on releasing as many flavours as possible, as quickly as possible – regardless of whether those flavours are actually going to resonate with customers or do anything to enhance the community as a whole.

At Little Beast, it’s our goal to do things differently. We’ve committed ourselves to remaining lean and mean and sticking to our core goal – to not release a new e-liquid flavour unless it’s really going to make a dent in the world.

We launched our brand with just one e-liquid flavour. We worked incredibly hard on that flavour, and we didn’t bring it to the market until we believed that it was absolutely perfect. It’ll be a while before you see a second flavour, because we’re not going to give anything the green light until we know that it’s exactly right.


Continuing a Tradition
of Industry Leadership

Little Beast is a creation of EasyPuff, a New Zealand vaping brand with nearly a decade of industry experience. Our position as one of New Zealand’s oldest vaping companies has taught us that often, knowing when to say “no” to a product idea is even more important than knowing when to say “yes.”

We promise that every e-liquid from Little Beast will be an unforgettable experience – because we’ll say “no” to a thousand ideas if that’s what it takes to lead us to the one idea that’ll drive the entire vaping community forward.